Rallies are held on the first Sunday of every month (except January). Our rallies start at 9.30am with Gearcheck on the main sand arena in front of the clubrooms. 

Rallies consist of 4 lessons and a lunch break.

  • 9.30am Gear check (colour groups)

  • 10am  1st lesson

  • 11am  2nd lesson

  • 12pm LUNCH BREAK which includes a club meeting about 12.45pm.

  • 1.15pm  3rd lesson

  • 2.15pm  4th lesson


When you join  pony club, you will be placed in a riding group based on your riding standard/level and friendship groups.

Our groups vary in size from 6-10 riders in each group, we try to cater for smaller groups at the lower levels. At the moment we have 9 groups and these are reviewed regularly throughout the year.


When you arrive at pony club on rally days, please bring your membership card (issued by PCAV when fees are paid) and place them in the card box at the office. You are then required to fill out the attendance book with the riders name and horses name for the day.

Attendance is recorded 1st by filling out the the attendance book and 2nd through gear check. If you are riding more than 1horse, you need to fill in the names of both horses and each rider/horse combination must complete 2 lessons to gain an attendance. 

It is the responsibility of each rider/parent to check the cards and gradings are correctly filled out.


Gradings at pony club are for dressage, Combined Training and Horse Trials. They range from Grade 1(highest) to 5 (lowest)

Showjumping is from A grade (highest) to F grade (lowest). 
If you would like to be graded for a competition, please fill out a form (in the grading book) located at the office. 
Gradings are based/approved on a joint decision by the District Commisioner and the Chief Instructor. 

They are based on the experience and ability of the horse/rider. It is to ensure safety in a competition situation.

A Rider/horse combination must have attended at least 2 rallies before they can be graded.


Gearcheck is the ‘safety’ part of the day. It is to ensure that all our tack (saddles/bridles etc) are fitted correctly.

That our ponies and horses are well presented and looked after correctly.

That our riders are neat and tidy.

Special awards are presented at the end of the year for the rider with the most points. Members are not judged on the type of horse or gear. Cleanliness and safety are the main points considered.

Points are awarded at each gear check based on the following criteria.


  • Saddle and bridle clean and oiled Gear fitted correctly

  • No worn leathers, stitching frayed. 

  • Clean saddle blanket

  • Bit clean

  • Irons - right size


  • Clean brushed coat

  • Mane and Tail clean and brushed

  • Hooves trimmed and oiled


  • Clean and neat club uniform

  • Medical armbands (Compulsory)

  • Long hair tied back and neat.

  • Boots Cleaned

  • No Earrings (can be taped)

The main aim of gear check is to educate our members and parents on the correct fit of equestrian gear.


A requirement of each family is to help out through the year at rallys, duties  will include canteen, cleaning and equipment.

Please arrive earlier on these days. 

If you are on equipment please be prepared to unhook your float to help move the show jumping, dressage and games trailers to their appropriate position. 

Please see the DC at 9am to see what equipment needs to be moved to the correct location.

If you are on canteen please go and see the canteen co-ordinator at 9.30am to find out what you are required to do.


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